Europe asks Cuba to pick a new government for Venezuela

It's pretty obvious that the Monroe Doctrine was put there for a reason once Europe's ham-fisted shenanigans in Venezuela come to light.

The European Union is asking communist Cuba, Venezuela's ally and mentor, to mediate a transition in Venezuela from the collapsing Maduro dictatorship to, oh, whomever Cuba chooses to serve its interests, apparently.  Cuba's going to be the good guy here and persuade Nicolás Maduro to pack his bags and head for Varadero Beach or the private islands of Cuba's Communist Party elite.

Not kidding, here's the Financial Times report, describing the logic:

"At some point the Maduro government will collapse. The questions are when and under what circumstances – a negotiated exit, an internal coup, or default and chaos," said a European diplomat close to conversations with Venezuela and Cuba. "The idea of Maduro seeking exile in Cuba has been discussed, although not yet. But the Cubans will eventually play a critical role."

As if Cuba, which is Venezuela's effective owner and colonizer, were not at the root of Venezuela's disastrous, Cuba-like conditions in the first place and could actually be an honest broker.  As if Cuba didn't have a plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face conflict of interest, given its dependency on subsidized Venezuelan oil and its current role running the place – the power, the electricity, the farms, the passport bureau, the military, and more.

Seriously, who thinks Cuba could honestly broker a transition to a democratic government in Venezuela, which is the only thing that will satisfy Venezuela's oppressed people?  Cuba is not in the democratic transition business and has never ushered in a democratic government anywhere, starting with its own regime.  Cuba is in the Antifa-style revolution business and has wrought havoc on three continents for that history of butchery and barbarism.  It's the root of Antifa's violent "turba"-style tactics to enact "change."  Now it's going to pick a new government for Venezuela?

More likely, it will lead Europe on a wild goose chase and use the opportunity to win concessions from Europe, perhaps making Europe, or worse yet, us, Cuba's new sugar daddy in exchange for a new Cuba-sponsored government in Venezuela.  You can bet that Cuba will get something for itself out of this.  It will also probably put a group of more ruthless communists than Maduro in Caracas, or else use the opportunity to colonize Venezuela even more intensely.  You can bet that European bondholders and corporate interests will be protected as a priority, and American ones will be sacrificed.

The E.U. diplomats are probably looking to Cuba as an honest broker because they believe the rubbish about Cuba acting as an "honest broker" in the recent FARC "peace" talks with Colombia, which produced a sweet deal for the armed wing of the Communist Party of Colombia at the expense of Colombia's people and which won Colombia's unpopular President Juan Manuel Santos a Nobel Peace Prize over the man who really brought peace to the country, former President Alvaro Uribe.  That Havana-brokered one-sided accord was rejected a year ago by Colombia's angry voters in a shock referendum result, and the result was ignored by the Santos government.  Since then, the peace with terrorists deal has fast shown signs of falling apart as the terrorists keep up their terrorism and violate the terms.

This is the mentality of the European Union, which continues to view the shambles of raw socialism as a good thing and Cuba's horrid socialist regime as one not unlike their own.

This raises questions as to why these guys are here at all.  They are utterly unfit for negotiating a proper solution to the Venezuelan hellhole and are going to the wolf who ate the chickens for answers, naive as can be about the realities of the New World.  The U.S. needs to sound the alarm about this odious scheme.  Neither Europe nor Cuba has Venezuela's or America's best interests at heart here.  They are just looking to a new opportunity to feather their nests, throw their weight around and let Venezuela take the awful result.  Get them out of there.