Today Show pushes Euro-socialism as the key to happiness

Kyle Drennen of Newsbusters spotted the Today Show on Monday pushing socialism as the secret to happiness, more or less.

On Monday, NBC's Today finally discovered the elusive secret to happiness – European-style socialism. While taking a bicycle tour of Copenhagen with National Geographic's Dan Buettner, correspondent Cynthia McFadden proclaimed: "For 40 years Denmark has ranked as one of the happiest places on Earth ... the Danes make life less stressed and more joyful."

How you might ask? The reporter explained: "Here, no job is less than any other ... [garbage man]  Alan Christensen works just five hours a day, but earns the same as a school teacher." Buettner proclaimed: "Ambition is not celebrated. No matter what you do, you're no better than anybody else."

Alan Christensen, garbage man.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, there can be no room for hypocrisy in Hollywood and the media, and at NBC in particular, I have some ideas for the on-air personalities at Today:

Since the Today Show finds socialism so attractive, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and others should take a salary cut to average pay.  All their perks and free travel should also be cut.  Ambition should not be important.

I also believe they should lower their advertising rates so even the smallest companies can afford them.  That would be fair, wouldn't it?  Why does NBC charge more for advertising during high-demand shows?  That is completely unfair.

All actors, no matter what the ratings are, should receive exactly the same pay.  Why do some need more?

Wouldn't life be wonderful?

By the way, 87% of the population in Denmark is native-born.  They don't seem that open to immigrants.  They should open their borders and have no enforcement.  That would be fair.

Women in Denmark can get abortion on demand only during the first twelve weeks.  Don't they believe in women's rights?