Docs show that Evergreen State College banned criticism of Black Lives Matter

The Evergreen State College Bias Response Team banned even mild criticism of Black Lives Matter in 2016 because  it would "diminish the disparities experienced by people of color" and are a violation of the school's non-discrimination policy.

The policy is in a recently uncovered document by The College Fix and shows the lengths to which the school tried to suppress all criticism of BLM.

According to the report, a college employee and a student reported a flyer that "depicted three photographs of African American men with three simplistic and seemingly sarcastic statements of what not to do in order to be shot by the police. Following these images is a clipart image of a white man stating, 'You don't say?'"

Additionally, other flyers were found "that depicted photographs of an African American man wearing a military/police uniform and an African American man holding a gun. The heading on the flyer reads, 'Tell me again whose life mattered?'"

The report adds that "captions under the images convey biased assumptions about the response and focus of the Black Lives Matter movement by questioning the degree to which the movement valued each person's respective life."

Upon finding the flyers, staff removed them from the buildings and began investigating to find the person that had put them up. The report states the bias response team determined they were in violation of the school's non-discrimination policy.

"Biased messages are unacceptable and we condemn the biased content on the flyers," the report stated. "We value and want to support all members of our community and the college does not condone such acts of intolerance and intimidation. Messages that are one-dimensional, presented as propaganda, and question the legitimacy of a social movement advocating for social justice for black people in the United States convey bias against people of color."

"These flyers display a fundamental misunderstanding of the issues at stake in our community conversations about race, racism, power and privilege," the report states.

Actually, the flyers display a good understanding of what Black Lives Matter was spouting.  The problem is that the administration accepts BLM charges at face value and rejects any alternative interpretation as "intolerant, biased, and discriminatory."

The whole point of free speech is that people are entitled to interpret controversial statements any way they wish.  This freedom is denied opponents of BLM despite claims by the school administration that they support "free speech."

On one level, this is not "news" in the sense that no one is unaware of the failure of colleges and universities to defend free speech.  But that doesn't obviate the need to publicize it.  The First Amendment is not capable of defending itself.  It needs to be constantly fought for, and those wishing to destroy it exposed as the hypocritical radicals they truly are.

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