Did Obama use Fusion GPS as a vehicle to do his own spying on Trump?

President Obama's never-ending campaign organization, Organizing for America, gave $972,000 to Perkins Coie, the high-powered Washington law firm that also funneled some $9 million to Fusion GPS, the Washington "opposition research" firm that procured the phony "Trump dossier."  The Federalist's Sean Davis has an excellent, well explained report.  It raises questions as to whether Team Obama actually procured the phony dossier as a pretext to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on then-president-elect Trump.

To be fair, it's not known whether the $972,000 that went to Perkins Coie really moved onward to Fusion GPS and all its nefarious operations.  But we do know that the White House spied on Trump and leaked its findings to the press.  A look at how that FISA warrant was obtained and on what pretext would be most instructive.

The timing and other details of the OFA payment are suspicious, according to The Federalist.  The OFA cash rolled in to Perkins Coie around the same time as the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign cash did.  The Perkins Coie lawyer, Marc Elias, who gave the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign cash to Fusion GPS also handled the OFA cash.  A key Fusion GPS employee, Neil King, was married to Shailagh Murray, who then worked in the White House.  Both are ex-journalists, from The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, respectively.

Another thing is that OFA, whose name started out as Organizing for Action, has been ethically problematic since its beginning.  It began as a pay-to-play operation, where those who donated $500,000 to it were guaranteed face time with President Obama, as I detailed here.  It was so dodgy that even the president of the left-leaning Common Cause said "it just smells."

OFA has also been linked to unethical political and government activity.  A link on a U.S. embassy website in Guatemala went to an OFA site and featured a speech by President Obama lamenting "our broken immigration system" to encourage illegal immigration.

The Washington Post found it suspicious that OFA ramped up its activity rather than slowed it down as Obama prepared to leave office.

There are likely plenty more questionable acts like this.  It's telling that OFA had only a $4-million war chest, because it would mean that the nearly one-million-dollar payment to Perkins Coie amounted to a quarter of its budget.  What would be important enough to Obama's campaign radicals to shell out a quarter of OFA's fisk on?

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