Democrats: Hillary cutout groper Jon Favreau harrumphs about Republicans over Weinstein

Obama speechwriter-turned Hollywood screenwriter and strategist Jon Favreau and all-around frat boy type (of Democrats' disdain) hasn't quite got the memo yet about condemning Harvey Weinstein and acting "shocked, shocked" that Weinstein's sex depredations went on around Hollywood as his campaign donations to Democrats flowed.

Instead, he's harrumphing about Republican critics of Weinstein and condemning them as the hypocritical ones.

Galling from someone who called a dozen victims of sexual assault liars in order to elect their abuser president:

— Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) October 10, 2017

He hasn't actually condemned Weinstein yet, either.

Let's get one thing straight: Jon Favreau (not to be confused with the Hollywood actor of the same name) is That Guy who got caught putting his hands on the boobs of a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton while shoving a beer to her mouth in a gleeful frat boy-style photo.  He and his sidekick, Tommy Vietor.

This is someone who, to say the least, has an unclear-on-the-concept understanding of sexual harassment.  Or who considers sex harassment fine so long as a Democrat is doing it.

This guy shouldn't be saying a thing about Republicans or Trump, given his own embarrassing record and the sexist atmosphere that engulfed the White House so long as he was running around in it.  He upbraids Republicans for supporting Trump while failing to distinguish Trump's non-public hot-mic locker-room talk about women, with Weinstein's full frontal sex-for-screen-roles tradeoffs, which included watching Harvey in the shower and Harvey soiling the shrubbery.  Favreau should blanch from the topic and avoid it like the plague, given his frat boy proclivities and his own sexual harassment record, which is a degree or two worse than Trump's.  Instead, he jumps right in to call Kellyanne Conway and other people who could not have known about Trump's locker-room talk hypocrites while backhandedly defending Weinstein in an everybody-does-it rationalization, a man whom the Obama team knew so well during the White House years.

Weinstein, after all, is said to be in mourning about Obama's rebuke, given that he considered Obama a "close" friend.

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