Democrats circle the wagons to protect another lecher – this time, Harvey Weinstein

Just as it once did for Bill Clinton in the wake of all his sex harassment scandals, the Democratic Party establishment is closing ranks to defend another big lecher among its members, this time Democratic Party mega-donor and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, in complete contravention to their stated ideals about "equality." You'd think a guy like Weinstein would be a pariah if Democrats actually believed any of their stated platform about women's rights.  But noooo...the fact that Lanny Davis, Anita Dunn, Lisa Bloom, and other regulars from the Democratic Party have leaped forward to help Weinstein beat back bad press about his long and atrocious record of sexual harassment testifies to just how important Weinstein is to their rice bowl.  It's not Hollywood that's defending Weinstein; it's Democrats. According to the Washington Free Beacon: Weinstein – who has been politically active for decades, backing a number of...(Read Full Post)