Democrats circle the wagons to protect another lecher – this time, Harvey Weinstein

Just as it once did for Bill Clinton in the wake of all his sex harassment scandals, the Democratic Party establishment is closing ranks to defend another big lecher among its members, this time Democratic Party mega-donor and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, in complete contravention to their stated ideals about "equality."

You'd think a guy like Weinstein would be a pariah if Democrats actually believed any of their stated platform about women's rights.  But noooo...the fact that Lanny Davis, Anita Dunn, Lisa Bloom, and other regulars from the Democratic Party have leaped forward to help Weinstein beat back bad press about his long and atrocious record of sexual harassment testifies to just how important Weinstein is to their rice bowl.  It's not Hollywood that's defending Weinstein; it's Democrats.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Weinstein – who has been politically active for decades, backing a number of big name Democrats – has poured hundreds of thousands into campaigns and committees that include the likes of former President Barack Obama and failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Weinstein has hosted numerous fundraisers for Obama and Clinton, with celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Matthew Broderick attending glitzy events for Clinton this past election cycle.

The Beacon calculated that Weinstein has given Democrats $600,000 since the early 2000s.

Now that it's clear that money for Democrats is at stake – and not just for Clinton and Obama, but for Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, Kristen Gillibrand, Richard Blumenthal, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Dick Durbin, and others cited by the Beacon, the picture couldn't be more obvious.

Sex harassment?  Sidling up to young performers and using your enormous power to hire and fire to get your rocks off and your appetites sated?  Eight sex harassment payouts?  All the things the Democrats and their feminist allies have been railing against for decades and throwing into the face of Republicans as part of their identity-politics, virtue-signaling shtick?  Didn't Michelle Obama just declare that any woman who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton on account of her being a Democratic woman voted against her own interests?  Now they've got a guy like Weinstein to defend, and defend him they will.  Lanny Davis is a longtime Democratic operative dating from the Clinton era, so he's seen these sex harassment defenses come and go.  Anita Dunn is an Obama hipster with a soft spot for Mao Zedong.  Lisa Bloom is Gloria Allred's spawn. 

In Dunn's case, you can see that the Democrats are nervous about their party brand as they leap forward to save their whale donor.  Her Washington, D.C. public relations firm put out a statement trying to address it:

Today you may have seen a news report indicating that our colleague Anita Dunn recently advised Harvey Weinstein. Anita was asked to speak with him by a friend. Harvey Weinstein and Miramax are not now and have never been clients of our firm or of Anita’s. If you know Anita, you can only imagine what she said to him. Our commitment to defending women’s rights remains as strong as ever.

Yeah, sure.  Tell us another one.

It's not enough to obscure the real message they are sending: that it's OK to be a sex harasser and beast of the studio so long you are big enough and powerful enough to either be a big Democrat, as Bill Clinton was, or else bankroll Democrats, as Weinstein has.  Sure, they're running for cover, getting pressure to give the money back, and the Hollywood press reports that it's getting embarrassing.  But the reality remains.

The dollar signs in their eyes are just too big for their principles.