CBS vice president who threw away her career is very sorry about it

Hayley Geftman-Gold, the now fired CBS lawyer who was until yesterday a vice president in their strategic transactions department, has become the poster girl for ruling-class progressive hatred and condescension toward working-class whites.  With two Ivy League degrees (Penn undergrad, Columbia Law) to her name, standing as "an officer of the court" in the New York State Bar, a powerful position in shaping the future of a major media purveyor of news and politics, an entrepreneur husband[i], and a fashionable Brooklyn Heights address, she is clearly a member of the ruling class, junior division. She presents herself professionally as attractive, poised, clear-eyed, and serious (no makeup): But in her social media photo, we see a more relaxed, fashion-conscious, smiling Hayley, with a twinkle in her eye (actually in her fancy sunglasses) and a side order of foxiness. Yet she threw it all away – the six-figure income, the corporate and...(Read Full Post)