British government wants to refer to 'pregnant women' as 'pregnant people'

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office is having a difficult time ignoring biology.  It seems that the U.N. is engaging in another fruitless exercise in denying individual liberty by trying to "define" human rights.  Of course, the more careful the U.N. is in defining "rights," the narrower it makes the definitions. The "International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" was passed in 1976, and the British government is proposing an amendment to the treaty that would replace the term "pregnant woman" with "pregnant people."  The reason is – you guessed it – that the term "pregnant women" ignores "transgendered" people, or people who have had babies and then decided they weren't women anymore. IJR: A British government office cautioned against the use of the term "pregnant woman" in a U.N. treaty, saying that it "excludes"...(Read Full Post)