Britain leaks battle planning for war North Korea

Great Britain is leaking to the media that it is planning for war with North Korea, signaling to Kim Jong-un that President Trump and our allies are serious about the demands to end the nuclear weapons and missile programs.

 The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

The Armed Forces are preparing for a potential war with North Korea, sources have revealed.

Officials have been instructed to draw up plans for how Britain would respond if war broke out with Pyongyang amid heightening tensions between the West and dictator Kim Jong-Un.

One option involves deploying Britain's new aircraft carrier – due to be handed over to the Navy later this year – to the region before she has undergone flight trials.

Details of the secret operation plan have emerged after Donald Trump warned that 'only one thing will work' when it comes to dealing with North Korea, which has continued nuclear and rocket tests despite widespread condemnation.

I am reasonably certain that the leaks are intentional and that the first purpose is to ratchet the pressure up on Kim Jong-un.  He knows that the U.S. could defeat and destroy his regime if it comes to war.  Should he manage to land a nuclear strike on U.S. forces or territory, the retaliation would be devastating, a lesson to the world on the perils of using nuclear bombs against the U.S.

No doubt, the few North Korean allowed to read the outside world's media are aware that many of his political opponents, foreign and domestic, consider President Trump mean, irrational, and dangerous.  This all works to his psychological advantage.

What makes this leak so important is that it indicates to Kim that Trump is not being abandoned by his allies.  On the contrary, they are lining up.

In the background for us, but ever present in the mind of Koreans, north and south, is the specter of Japan arming up with nukes and ditching its "peace constitution."

I expect there to be more leaks, some of them from Japanese sources.

President Trump has ditched the old ways of dealing with Kim, all of which have failed.  This horrifies the diplomatic establishment.  As far as I am concerned, that is not a point against him.

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