Ben Rhodes gets his panties in a bunch over Trump's retaliation against Cuba

President Obama's former deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, is all upset that President Trump is booting Cuban diplomats from Washington in retaliation for Cuba's failure to protect U.S. envoys in Havana.

Hurt Cuban small businesses?  Cuban people would suffer the most?  Harm U.S. interests?

What, exactly, does Rhodes think Cuba has done to American diplomats?

Let's scroll back to what this is about, from the editorial page of the Washington Post:

Twenty-one U.S. diplomats in Cuba have reported being hit with unexplained illnesses, including hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, visual difficulties, headaches, fatigue and cognitive, balance and sleeping difficulties. Some accounts have attributed the illnesses to strange "sonic" attacks that surfaced 10 months ago. Originally described by the State Department as an "incident," they are now being called an "attack," and Post staff writer Carol Morello reports that U.S. officials say specific Americans were targeted, that the assaults are ongoing and that they occurred in at least one case in a Havana hotel.

Contrary to the statements of some anonymous State Department officials, and probably Rhodes himself, who was the architect of the Obama administration's opening of U.S.-Cuba ties, the Post thinks the Castroites are playing dumb and know exactly what they are doing to U.S. diplomatic personnel, given that they are a tightly controlled police state.  It wouldn't be the first time.

It begs disbelief that Cuba does not know what is going on. Unfortunately, this kind of deception and denial is all too familiar behavior. The regime took the same "don't blame us" coverup pose when the dissident Oswaldo Payá was killed in a suspicious car wreck five years ago.

Rhodes would have you think the U.S. and Cuba are all in for great relations, the ones he himself set up, and only some dark force would be up for halting that great scenario.  Anyone who opposes Cuban relations (read: Republicans, or "worst forces in Cuba") would have to be the guilty one.

He tweets without a scintilla of knowledge about the hatred for Americans that Cubans have been brainwashed into having by the Cuban Communist Party, and their police-state government is completely capable of manifesting that hatred, relations or no relations.  These people truly hate us.  They hate our success, our freedom, and our beacon to their nationals, ten percent of whom have fled to the U.S., often on tire rafts over the high seas.  This hatred for the U.S. has been drummed into Cuba's people as an ideology and is held as doctrine by its party elite since day one.  There is no bottom to the malice of the only nation that really tried to set off a nuclear weapon on our soil, which has mercilessly shot down U.S.-based civilian airliners searching for Cuban nationals at sea, which has sent spies to marry into our communities, and whose secret police have urinated into the mouthwash of U.S. envoys in the pre-rapprochement era, all with impunity.

It's likely that impunity that drives the Castroite willingness to launch the harmful attacks – the Castroites figured the gringos were so desperate for good relations with them they'd do nothing about any attacks, and they could snicker back on the sidelines at how dumb los yanquis really were as they harmed Americans yet again.  What's more, they probably watched Ben Rhodes himself on Benghazi, observing how the State Department and National Security Council under President Obama blissfully sacrificed the lives of four U.S. diplomatic personnel, including a U.S. ambassador, to preserve Rhodes's peachy ''narrative" about al-Qaeda being "on the run" ahead of re-election time.  Surely the U.S. would do the same if they attacked Americans with their new sonic wave device...

This shows that even as Rhodes cries crocodile tears about "harm" to "the Cuban people" and "Cuban small business owners," he really does expect the American side to just go on allowing our diplomats to be harmed, taking one for the Obama legacy.  Supposedly, it's because he's a humanitarian.

In reality, it's because he wants to preserve the Obama legacy.  Instead of admitting that he and his Obama team have been duped by a slimy, corrupt, truly evil communist regime, he wants the Obama legacy of reopening relations to Cuba to be paramount, no matter what the human cost to U.S. diplomats.

By any means necessary, as they say on the left.