AP trots out Anita Hill in the wake of Weinstein. Where's Bill Clinton?

Because of the Harvey Weinstein sex harassment on a gargantuan scale story, which reporters buried for decades, the Associated Press has decided to trot out Anita Hill, a case that was never proven, and the story is repeated throughout the country, including on PBS.    A more relevant story would be to bring out that a powerful politician, Bill Clinton, used his position of power to abuse women for decades, including a young intern with whom he had commited perjury. Instead of the media and women caring about this obvious abuse of power, far more parallel to that of the studio mogul Weinstein case, they protected him and supported him. Maybe if Clinton was chastised and ran out of office in the 1990s, Weinstein would not have been able to do what he did.    It is amazing to me how many sexual predators the Clintons ran around with, including himself, Weinstein, Jeff Epstein and Anthony Weiner. Of course Hillary, the smartest woman in the world, along...(Read Full Post)