Another thing to thank Obamacare's enablers McCain, Paul, Murkowski, and Collins for

Obamacare buyers in California, willing or not, are about to be slapped with another 12.5% surcharge on top of their already built-into-the-cake 12.5% surcharge, making the cost of buying insurance on the individual market higher than ever and Obamacare itself even more detested.  More cost, less choice, and fewer services is the ever spiraling endgame, and the people stuck in the individual market can't take their business elsewhere.  In California, it's either force the consumers to eat the higher costs or see the state devolve into a one-provider entity as insurers flee.

The media are yelling that it's all President Trump's fault for not shipping more subsidy cash out to one class of buyers stuck in the individual market known the "silver plans."  In reality, it's the design of the system itself, made intentionally complex by its architects such as Jonathan Gruber, such that the only way to keep it afloat is by papering over its deficits by ever larger infusions of federal cash.  Trump didn't win the presidency by promising ever greater yearly bailouts to this fail-by-design system.

Obama is culpable for the unsustainable design, but he's gone now, off to his libraryless library and jet-set vacations.  But there are still the Republicans who failed to repeal this mess, and they are responsible for how high these disastrous price hikes are going to go.

Senators John McCain, Rand Paul, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins are the ones who can be thanked for this rate hike, because they refused to halt Obamacare in its tracks three or four times this year, all in a bid to bite back at President Trump.  They don't care that Obamacare buyers are getting socked in the face yet again for more cost hikes, nor do they care that voters explicitly voted for them because they promised to end Obamacare and all its nightmares for consumers.

The Democrats seized the "narrative" about small groups of people who were "helped" by Obamacare.  But the broader picture here is that millions and millions are now facing gigantic rate hikes because this hellish failed system is allowed to go on, thanks to McCain, Paul, Murkowski, and Collins, who, by the way, are doing nothing to improve this situation otherwise.

Should these people be primaried?  You bet they should.

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