About that Tom Marino exit from the drug czar job...

Today there is the story about Trump’s (now former drug czar nominee) Representative Tom Marino withdrawing his name from consideration for the job, following a CBS 60 Minutes and Washington Post expose. The news program accused Marino of pushing a bill to weaken enforcement on drug companies which sold opioids.

Fine and dandy. But maybe the media should mention that the bill he sponsored passed through a parliamentary procedure known as unanimous consent (reserved for bills considered non-controversial) in 2016 and was signed by President Obama. It was also not opposed by the DEA.

Somehow all the swamp dwellers in D.C. didn’t read the bill or didn’t understand the bill. It seems Congress doesn’t read a lot of bills before passing,

Senator Schumer, who voted for the bill, says putting Marino in as drug czar would be like having a fox guard a hen house. Schumer is one of the foxes who has guarded the hen house for decades so he knows a lot about the subject.

At least the bill's co-sponsor Rep. Marsha Blackburn pointed out that the bill had 'unintended consequences' and should be revisited. Blackburn, by the way, has just announced her bid for a Senate seat in the place being vacated by retiring Sen. Bob Corker. Interesting timing there, just as the timing with Marino's drug czar nomination is.

If Congress and reporters want to see what has contributed greatly to the opioid crisis they should look at the massive increases in government spending on drugs especially through Medicaid. And the massive influx of heroin brought in by Mexico's cartels as a result of Obama's open borders policy.

Someone who didn’t cause the opioid crisis is Donald Trump who is trying to clean it up but as with many crises that Obama handed him, the media is implying that he is to blame.



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