A lot of Americans agree with President Carter

For the record, President Jimmy Carter is 0-2 with me. In other words, I voted against him in 1976 and 1980. I always thought that Mr. Carter was a decent man but completely out of his league in the presidency. To be fair, he has done some good post-presidency work in various charitable activities and monitoring elections in Latin America.

Over the last few days, President Carter made two remarkable statements.

First, he admitted that the Carters voted for Senator Sanders. Is that an indictment of the Clintons or what?  Wonder how many other Democrats did the same thing?

Second, he mentioned that the media has been too harsh on President Trump. This is from The Hill:  

Carter pointed to the reports that question Trump's mental stability as a sign the press is going too far in scrutinizing him. 

“I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation,” Carter continued.

President Carter's remarks coincide with a poll saying that 46% believe that the media makes up stuff about President Trump. Frankly, it's easy to understand that after we see the way that Puerto Rico was reported.

President Carter's remarks are being reported by some as a sign that he is looking for a diplomatic assignment in North Korea. It may be that he wants another shot at North Korea.   However, I don't think that was Mr. Carter's motives for criticizing the press.    

My sense is that Mr. Carter is looking at the facts and realizing that the media is overdoing its attacks on President Trump. It looks like a lot of Americans agree with him!

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