A generation of depressed college students

The news last month that UCLA is screening incoming freshmen for depression is a tell. Colleges understand that they are receiving large numbers of troubled young people coming out of our secondary education system. In recent years, reports of widespread anxiety and depression among college students have  reached the point that, “Mental Health has become a critical issue on college campuses,” according to a Boston University report.

Gee, what do you suppose is going on? What could be producing mass mental illness?

Well, maybe multiculturalist doctrine is telling the white kids to be guilty over their privilege, and the non-white kids to be angry about their oppression by whites. Maybe kids are being forced to comply with transgenderism at the moment in their lives when boy-girl relationships are being worked out for the first time.

Prominent primary education theorist, Bill Ayers

My hypothesis is that leftist madness has taken over the education establishment, top to bottom. And as they began to indoctrinate more and more children in their radical doctrines, the minds of a generation became wounded by guilt/anger, self-doubt, and fear.