A few questions for Loretta Lynch

Here are a few questions for Loretta Lynch that reporters, Democrats and many Republicans are afraid to ask because they won't like the answers: Why did you threaten the FBI informant on the uranium deal with jail if he told Congress and the public what he knew? Should Eric Holder, Hillary and the Obama administration have approved the uranium deal to Russia knowing that they were under Federal investigation for corruption and kickbacks?  Mueller was involved in the investigation, so do you think he should be investigating the supposed Russian collusion today? Is there any way that Bill Clinton should have been allowed to accept $500,000 from Russia for a speech and meet with Putin while Hillary was Secretary of State? Doesn't over $100 Million in donations to the Clinton Foundation after the uranium deal was completed have all the appearances of kickbacks? What else could they be? Is there any way that a FISA warrant should have been attained based on the...(Read Full Post)