A few questions for Loretta Lynch

Here are a few questions for Loretta Lynch that reporters, Democrats and many Republicans are afraid to ask because they won't like the answers:

Why did you threaten the FBI informant on the uranium deal with jail if he told Congress and the public what he knew?

Should Eric Holder, Hillary and the Obama administration have approved the uranium deal to Russia knowing that they were under Federal investigation for corruption and kickbacks?  Mueller was involved in the investigation, so do you think he should be investigating the supposed Russian collusion today?

Is there any way that Bill Clinton should have been allowed to accept $500,000 from Russia for a speech and meet with Putin while Hillary was Secretary of State? Doesn't over $100 Million in donations to the Clinton Foundation after the uranium deal was completed have all the appearances of kickbacks? What else could they be?

Is there any way that a FISA warrant should have been attained based on the obvious fake Russian dossier trashing Trump?

If the Obama Administration, CIA, FBI and others were actually worried about Russian collusion in the election, wouldn't they have also spied on Hillary and her team because of their many Russian connections?

Why did Obama change the rules right at the end of his term to make it easier to unmask people? Weren't there any inadvertent conversations between Democrats and Russian officials picked up if the targets of the recordings actually Russian officials and not Trump people?

Isn't it a great threat to democracy when a President and his supposedly independent justice department clearly targets their political opponents, before and after the election?

Was there ever any actual evidence of collusion on the election?

Do you truly think it is even plausible that your meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac was a coincidence? Have you had any other examples where you met someone on the tarmac, especially when their spouse was supposedly under investigation?

Why did Comey decide before the interview with Hillary to exonerate her? Did you or the President give him that message especially when you said to refer to it as a matter instead of an investigation?

Hillary wasn't interviewed under oath nor were there notes. How often does that happen in an actual investigation?

Why should the public believe the Justice Department is independent and gives equal justice for all when they see Hillary skate despite obvious continuing violations of clear law and she obviously had the intent to violate the law although that is not even required?

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