Will Hillary donate book tour ticket sales to Texas flood victims?

President Trump has donated one million dollars of his own money for the Texas flood recovery, and even many Hollywood celebrities are pitching in with their own money and fundraising efforts to help. But does anyone think Hillary Clinton will loosen her money grubbing grip on book tour ticket sales to help Texas?

So far, there is no word from Hillary if she’ll donate any of the book tour money to the Texas flood recovery effort. Even so, you might think Hillary would have enough pull to get the Clinton Foundation to give something to help the recovery efforts in Texas.

Given that Hillary was a heartbeat away from the presidency, do you think the liberal media will lambast her for not immediately stepping up to help? And if and when she does pitch in with a donation or fundraising, will the liberal media attack her relentlessly for waiting so long to do so?

In either case, will the liberal media run story after story about how Hillary Clinton is a heartless selfish opportunist with nary a drop of sympathy for the Texas flood victims? Don’t hold your breath.

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