Why high tax-state Republicans should support the elimination of the state and local tax deduction

The president's tax plan was released this week, to the usual weeping and gnashing of teeth by Democrats. Socialist Bernie Sanders called it "morally repugnant." Senator Bob Casey (D) tweeted, "Cutting taxes for the super-rich won't create jobs or grow incomes for middle class families."   Nancy Pelosi (D) tweeted, "The GOP Tax Plan isn't tax reform. It's a ploy to give the rich massive tax cuts - & make families foot the bill." Dianne Feinstein tweeted, "The Republican Tax Plan is nothing but a tax cut for the rich! It's another backroom GOP proposal, with no input from Democrats or the public, that will leave working Americans worse off in order to benefit the rich. A real nonstarter." Feinstein also stated, "I don't believe California should suffer in order for President Trump to give tax cuts to the rich[.]" "California's suffering" is in reference to the...(Read Full Post)