Why Harvard's Kennedy School thinks Chelsea Manning's a jolly good fellow

Take it from someone who used to be a fellow at Harvard at a couple of different institutes: they have their logic in handing out the title.  The Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government lays out quite clearly what it expects its fellows, including the newly announced Chelsea Manning, to do.  Fellows are expected to hang out with students, faculty, and each other. Fellows agree to be in residence for the duration of their fellowship, committing to be on campus Monday-Thursday each week throughout the semester. While at the Institute of Politics, Fellows are provided a fully furnished apartment on campus. Each Fellow works out of his or her private office at the Institute, complete with a computer and private phone. The Institute of Politics offers a variety of public and private events that Fellows may enjoy. Fellows are expected to lead eight study groups and attend other Institute activities such as IOP Director's...(Read Full Post)