Why can’t the lessons of NASA’s Cassini be applied by Warmists?

A major scientific enterperise was just completed, with temendous success. 

The Cassini mission from NASA to Saturn just ended after 20 years, and is reckoned to “have  changed our understanding of Saturn and the cosmos at large.”

That is good! Scientists used to believe in a theory about Saturn and the Universe and data caused them to change their theory.

 Illustration of what Cassini’s final moment will look like. Via NASA/JPL-Caltech

On earth, apparently, the feds treat data differently. We have actual scientists, such renowned superstar scientists as Barack Obama and Al Gore and most reporters, that say the science is settled, so they won't change their theory no matter what the data says. Instead they change the data to match the theory.

If anyone, such as me, says the theory is wrong, we are called stupid, flat-earthers and deniers. We are told to shut up. Another well-known scientist, Stevie Wonder,  says that we are blind.

Indoctrination is truly a dangerous thing. With indoctrination we get a government that:

  • Pushes and subsidizes the flammable pollutant lithium for batteries.
  • Used to push mercury-laced light bulbs. 
  • Continues to push and require diverting food to fuel. Grain based ethanol does not help the environment, is not efficient, and raises the cost of food, which is especially harmful to the poor and middle class throughout the world. 
  • Requires the production of smaller, lighter more dangerous cars to meet targets for gas mileage. The lighter cars of course require a lot of plastic which comes from fossil fuels. 
  • While pushing pollutants like lithium and mercury, the government seeks to regulate and control the clear, innocuous, non-pollutant CO2 which makes plants thrive and allows the people to be fed. 

There is a lot of pretending going on in Washington DC and around the World. They pretend the science is settled and then they pretend that if individuals and businesses hand the government trillions of dollars they can control temperatures, sea levels and storms forever.