What about these Buffalo Soldiers' statues?

My buddy, Boomer, who lives with a Nork bulls-eye on him since he's a retired Air Force master sergeant on Guam, eases his constant worries by sending out daily cartoons, one of which really got me pondering.  It's an image of a mounted U.S. cavalryman, on proud display at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, one of many you can find around the western parts of this country, so really not unusual.  What is different about this bronze tribute is that this statue honors those black cavalrymen who served out west in the four black regiments known as the Buffalo Soldiers.  Moreover, it is one of many such shrines to these brave black soldiers who played an integral part in reducing the hostile Indian threat so that settlers could move west and tame the wild frontier.  The erection of so many of such tributary statues was all part of the drive in recent years to recognize black contributions to the creation of this nation.

Above is another equestrian tribute, this one at Fort Bliss in El Paso, to those brave soldiers whose role in militarily dominating Native Americans until those hostiles could be rounded up and herded onto reservations was pivotal.

Can you see where I'm going here?  Black Americans slaughtered thousands and helped starve even thousands more Native Americans until those Native Americans lost the will to fight and agreed to be subjugated by the white Americans in Washington, D.C.

The question begging to be asked, then, is, "When is an Antifa unit with its swarming mob of culturally hypersensitive camp followers going to attempt to topple one of these monuments, erected by white Americans to honor better armed and equipped black Americans on superior mounts, for running roughshod over a minority of Native Americans?"  Talk about racism and cultural oppression: of the thousands of Native Americans killed in the Southwest and on the Great Plains when the Buffalo Soldiers were deployed there, how many were killed by the black units?  Don't you just imagine that those Black American soldiers killed thousands more Native Americans than the KKK ever killed blacks?

So...where's the outrage?