Trump was right again about voter fraud, this time from New Hampshire

President Trump was upbraided in the press for stating that illegal out-of-state voters swung the New Hampshire vote to Hillary Clinton in a state he otherwise would have won in the presidential election of 2016. Mixing news with opinion, the Boston Globe, under the headline, "Trump makes groundless N.H. vote fraud claims," led with: WASHINGTON – President Trump has revived unproven voter fraud allegations, telling a group of senators in a private meeting Thursday that he lost New Hampshire last November because thousands of Massachusetts residents were bused to the neighboring state to cast ballots against him. The president offered no evidence to support the claim. WMUR, an area broadcaster, had the same kind of mixed news-opinion reporting here. But it turns out that Trump was objectively right all along, and not for the first time. According to Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times: More than 6,500 people...(Read Full Post)