Trump readies executive order that will let consumers cross state lines to buy health insurance

Donald Trump is preparing an executive order that will achieve a longstanding goal of insurance reform advocates.  The president's executive order will reportedly allow individuals to join group plans from out of state.  Current law allows companies to sell across state lines, but due to red tape and resistance by state insurance officials, most companies refuse to take advantage of the opportunity.  The order will allow consumers to join associations and group health plans located in other states. ABC News: Current law allows companies to sell health insurance across state lines, but so far few have offered out-of-state policies. To date, although all states have the authority to do so, only six have enacted across state lines legislation. And even among states that passed laws to allow out-of-state sales, no insurer has entered the market. Skeptics point out the difficulties that companies face in developing a health insurance product that can be...(Read Full Post)