They were convinced Hillary was going to win and protect them

Another day and another round of stories about unmasking.  The latest story is about Samantha Power, U.N. representative under President Obama:

Former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power will become the latest Obama-era official to meet with congressional investigators probing a vastly different side of the Russian election meddling story, the possibility the previous White House spied on Trump campaign and transition personnel, when she gives private testimony Friday before a congressional panel.

Earlier this year the House intelligence committee issued subpoenas to the CIA, FBI and NSA, seeking details related to alleged requests to "unmask" the identities of Trump associates swept up in U.S. surveillance operations against foreign intelligence targets.

Let's not jump to conclusions, but it smells funny, as my little sister used to say.

Were these inquiries about U.S. citizens legitimate in the context of national security?  Or was the White House using its powers to destroy the opposition by learning about them and then selectively leaking to their friends in the media?

Congress should be able to investigate this and determine the intentions of people like Samantha Power.

If she acted correctly, then this story will end soon.

If she didn't, then some officials of the Obama administration need to go to jail.  You cannot use the power of gathering intelligence to destroy your political opponents.

There is a story that Miss Power was "unmasking daily."  What for?  Why?  Who was given this information, and for what purpose?  Let's remember that Power was not an intelligence analyst.

If Power was playing politics, then it is further proof that the Obama team was surely convinced that Secretary Clinton would win and push all of this stuff under the rug.

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