The 'Sobbin' Women' and the utter insidiousness of the feminist movement, then and now

As early as 1972, Joan Didion wrote a sentient essay on the feminist movement, which was new at the time.  Even then, she saw it for what it was: a movement built on a Marxist idea that failed in several ways.  It "failed to perceive their common cause with other minorities" (Didion).  Its 1970s claim to fame was "the invention of women as a class."  Led by elite, over-educated women, it campaigned for "Dante over diapers."  It declared: "If the family was the last fortress of capitalism, then let us abolish the family." As nonsensical as this mind-numbed theory was and is, it is what university students are still being taught today.  Send your daughter to college, and she will be taught that men are predators and women who choose marriage and family are throwbacks to a primitive age.  They are sellouts to their gender, however amorphous they may think it is.  Send your son to college, and he,...(Read Full Post)