The real 'repeal and replace'

Anyone who follows current events like the NFL kneelers must be asking what the endgame is.  Bill O'Reilly brilliantly produced the answer on Hannity's show this past Tuesday night.  He connected the dots for Hannity's audience, explaining that the recent Civil War statue removals, NFL kneeling, free speech thuggery, attacks on the electoral college, rise of Antifa and BLM, excoriations of Trump, and dishonoring of our slave-owning Founding Fathers is all related, because if the left successfully erases our past and brands America as a rogue racist nation ruled by white supremacists, then they can delegitimize our Constitution.  The left can then replace our founding documents with its own warped version of reality.

The long march of the left through America's institutions must have some goal or purpose.  Many of us in our lifetimes have seen the left increasingly pollute our social, educational, political, and cultural mechanisms, and even our sense of morality.  Today, we see the cockroaches of the left nibbling away at the edges of our military and even recently professional sports.  Today's weather predictions and hurricane warnings have become polluted with hyper-politicized global warming claptrap.

This is what such disparate bedfellows as the libertarian Reason and leftist Politico call "The Politicization of Everything."  What has been missed by these erudite publications, plus the many perceptive political commentators and analysts who have also noted this disturbing trend, is the final goal.  That goal is to "repeal" our Constitution by declaring it unfit for a diverse, multicultural 21st-century super-state and "replace" it with a leftist political architecture.  That architecture will be based on AGW, or the economics of government-controlled and constrained energy allocation, and diversity with the institutionalized subjugation and oppression of conservatives and white males.  If this looks to the reader disturbingly similar to a Bizarro-like mirror image of the twin pillars of Nazi political philosophy, liebesraum and Aryan supremacy, that is because it is.  The former is related to the expanded utilization of resources, the latter to the elevation of Aryan white males.

This brings us back to the present. 

Today, the right has become complacent.  Today, we are foolishly occupied with patting ourselves on the backs for securing the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, with the judicial branch perhaps soon to follow.  We control 69/99 statehouses and 34 governorships, and we have won well over 900 state legislative seats since the beginning of the Obama nightmare era.  But these gains appear to have achieved little.  The left still controls many of the organs of civil society and has become even more aggressive from its powerful perch in the supposedly high ground of social justice.  The right may be winning battles, but we may also be losing the war for control of the country.  What we see today in so many large blue cities is disorder and lawlessness engineered by leftists, and this may be spreading into the red heartland.  The eventual goal is to fundamentally transform America through attacks on the Constitution, and to repeal and replace.  Already many amendments have come under withering fire from the left, most recently the First Amendment.

This is why Americans must support Donald Trump.  He understands this, and he alone stands between America and chaos.  He fights while others dither.

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