Schools named after Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin targeted for renaming in Dallas

The Dallas Independent School District School Board has taken up the issue of renaming schools named after individuals who were racists or had ties to the Confederacy or white supremacy.  The people behind the push came up with a list of 21 schools that might be renamed. Among those targeted are schools named after Thomas Jefferson, James Madison...and Benjamin Franklin. Ben Franklin? College Fix: Superintendent Michael Hinojosa noted four schools were "priorities": William L. Cabell, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Albert Sidney Johnston. According to NBC-5, "[t]he board seemed to agree with starting with the four schools recommended." "I think the board, in essence, is pretty much together on this. Just, do we waive the current policy or not, and I want an expedient timeline. I'm looking at about two months," Trustee Joyce Foreman said. However, what the NBC-5 report doesn't mention is the...(Read Full Post)