President Trump's new candidate Roy Moore wins primary

Roy Moore pulled off a handy victory in the Alabama Republican primary, and President Trump will be portrayed as losing his hold on his base.  I don't think so.  President Trump had no choice but to support "Big Luther" in the primary.  Endorsing anyone else would have alienated him, and besides, there was Mitch McConnell to consider.  Supporting Strange was a chit in the bargaining between the two men, one that can be collected on regardless of the voters' decision.

And now Moore is poised to be President Trump's BFF.  Via the New York Times:

Taking the stage after a solo rendition of "How Great Thou Art," an exultant Mr. Moore said he had "never prayed to win this campaign," only putting his political fate "in the hands of the Almighty."

"Together, we can make America great," he said, borrowing Mr. Trump's slogan and adding, "Don't let anybody in the press think that because he supported my opponent that I do not support him."

President Trump reportedly told conservatives yesterday that he knew that Strange was going to lose.  Now, having fulfilled his promise, even traveling to a rally in Huntsville, President Trump signaled that a new phase has begun by deleting his tweets in support of Strange.  For reasons clear to everyone, he is now going to support Moore.  It is both symbolic and practical to take the tweets down.  But it will be fodder for those who despise everything he does.  Expect a lot of hyperventilating today on MSNBC.

Meanwhile, his supporters in Alabama who supported Moore will be pleased with their collaboration that lies ahead.

Trump won either way.  It's funny, but that pleasant structuring of outcomes seems to have happened a lot in the course of his career. 

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