NYT bestseller list takes a huge blow as major publisher pulls out

Another pillar of the left's ability to dominate American culture is getting shaky. For generations, stickers with the four little words "New York Times bestseller," applied to the cover of a book were regarded as gold.  In my decades of flying around as a consultant, many were the occasions when they helped me pick one or another last-minute pre-boarding book (perhaps some mind candy from the mysteries section for a long flight, I confess). The Times remains mysterious about the methodology behind its list, raising legitimate suspicions.  Nonetheless, the value of the brand has been enormous. The publishing industry has ratified that value by sometimes including bonus payments, a bump in the royalty percentage, perhaps, into contracts with authors.  This arrangement opened the door to outsized influence on the mentality of authors and publishers.  If pleasing the mindset of those who compile the list is rewarded, authors, agents, and publishers...(Read Full Post)