Not sure what happens today in Catalonia

We have not seen so much division and hostility in Spain since the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. It seems like every one of my Spanish friends has an opinion about today's vote.  One of my friends refers to Catalonia as "crazy rebels."  One of my other friends calls the government in Madrid a few names not suitable for a family blog. At the same time, they're all very concerned about what happens the next day.  The people who want independence don't know how they will react the day after.  The people who want Catalonia to stay are afraid that it could lead to a civil war. And both sides fear the economic impact of putting everyone through this. Today, the people of Catalonia will vote to split from Spain, as we see in this update by John Moody: Catalans have their own culture and language, and for the past two years, their political leadership has been promising citizens a vote.  Spain's...(Read Full Post)