National Review editors fall back on lazy assumptions to criticize Trump on NFL

The editors of National Review are back on their high horse again, recalling the days of their "Against Trump" issue devoted to foiling his quest for the GOP nomination.  See this editorial in National Review, calling for a "time out" on the NFL for Trump (like some naughty preschooler) and calling for better "judgment" (in other words, their judgment) from the president: The president has conducted himself here in an unseemly fashion, to say the least, and has exhibited his remarkable knack for making everything he touches about him, which the NFL protests weren't until he stuck his nose in. ... This is not a question of rights but a question of judgment, which was, unhappily, in short supply over the weekend. But along the way, the offer supporting context that makes it seem like the writers on the editorial board never read Heather MacDonald [sic]. We do not believe that simmering white malice is the...(Read Full Post)