Nancy Pelosi gets mau-maued by the DACA DREAMers

Nancy Pelosi got more than she bargained for when she came out to champion DREAMers and congressional institutionalization of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals act in San Francisco Monday.

Instead of the adoring crowds she expected, she got a boiling-with-rage mob of actual illegal aliens who mau-maued her as the bad guy, drowning her out with chanted shouts of "Liar! Liar!" and accusations of being a deportation machine.  Whatever it was she was doing to legalize DREAMers wasn't good enough; they demanded amnesty and citizenship for all illegals, shouting, "All of us or none of us!"  And in the shadows they were not: "'We are immigrant youth, undocumented and unafraid,' they chanted," which calls to mind what Pelosi has been really dealing with and championing with DACA.

Far from special subgroup of sweet little daisies who came to the U.S. "through no fault of their own" and who want only to work and "contribute" to the U.S., "the country they love," as the news and political narrative goes, this is a demanding and ungrateful bunch who view any concessions as signs of weakness and a cue to attack further.  Institutionalizing DACA, see, isn't good enough; they want all illegals legalized and handed citizenship on a platter, which is where their real agenda is going.  They won't stop at DACA, nor will they be satisfied with it.  They view Pelosi and her efforts to get a camel's nose under the tent for all illegals with utter contempt.  Political compromise, such as what Pelosi and the Democrats are trying with President Trump, isn't good enough.  They want everything, and they want it now.

We undocumented youth demand a clean bill[.] … We undocumented youth demand that you do not sell out our community and our values[.] … We undocumented youth will not be a bargaining chip for Trump.

It shows they are perfectly schooled in the San Francisco art of mau-mauing well meaning liberals with "[s---]-eating grins," as Tom Wolfe aptly put it in his book Radical Chic and Mau-mauing the Flak Catchers.  In that book, angry minorities learned they could scare bureaucrats into giving them "summer jobs for youth" programs and other political pork by physically intimidating them in the name of some political grievance.  Pelosi is a flak-catcher.  The DREAMers are tiki-stick stamping supplicants out to terrify her physically into delivering more.

This group is more livid than the Samoan and black militants of the San Francisco Western Addition neighborhood Wolfe described.

Raised to believe that laws don't matter, and only feelings do, they charge in with a completely consumed entitlement mentality, absolutely convinced of their righteousness.  The fact that they have lived here illegally for so long is their own proof that laws don't matter, because it is their reality.  And so it makes perfect sense for them to just demand everything, despite the fact that Democrats are in the minority party and Americans elected President Trump, and plenty of people don't want DACA made into law at all.

Now Pelosi has a tough choice to make – to continue to champion the DREAMers even as these illegal alien groups curse her, and watch that cursing grow more intense as she delivers, or just wash her hands of the whole mess and let the DACA time window come and go.  She knows the truth about the DREAMer lobby and has for years.  The only difference this time is that her mau-mauing was done in front of the entire country.

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