MSNBC's Katy Tur accidentally reveals the left's bizarre mindset

There is a lot of competition, but MSNBC's Katy Tur is a strong contender for the title of "Most Obnoxious Media Leftist."  In her latest embarrassment, she revealed on Meet The Press Daily a disturbing understanding of what life is like for Americans.  To put it bluntly, in her world, politics is the supreme concern, and all life decisions quite naturally accord priority to the political consequences of personal choices.

That must be why, without a flicker of hesitation, she could recommend that the Democratic Party simply "recruit" surplus Democrat voters from California to relocate to swing states that voted for Trump.  David Rutz of the Free Beacon presents the exchange (video embedded below):

"Why would the Democratic Party not just recruit people from California to move to Michigan and to Wisconsin?" Tur asked, adding it seemed like a "simplistic answer."

Tur said her friends had "brought this up repeatedly whenever we've talked about what's going on with the Democrats."

"Democrats have more voters, but they're in the wrong places," New York Times reporter Nicholas Confessore said.

Liberal guest Zerlina Maxwell interjected that there are policies in red states that "marginalize communities and that's why we choose to live in places like California and New York."

"Got it," Tur said.

None of these media big thinkers for a second considered that uprooting yourself and your family is a really, really big step.  For one thing, it is expensive, but even more importantly, it takes people away from their friends and families.  Undertaking this major life change for the sole purpose of helping the Democratic Party places politics (federal politics) way above all other considerations – including even the local political attachments and activities of these presumably enthusiastic supporters of the Democratic Party.

Control of the federal government becomes the motive for life's major decisions.

This bizarre set of priorities passed without comment by the others.  The only reason not to make such a move, according to Zerlina Maxwell, former "director of progressive media for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign," according to her website, is because states that voted for Trump "marginalize communities, and that's why we choose to live in places like California and New York."  Since Ms. Maxwell claims to have had some influence over progressive media for the Hillary campaign, one wonders if her message to Wisconsinites and Michiganders was, "Hey, racists, vote for Hillary!"

In China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, the youthful Red Guards marched under the slogan "Politics in Command."  They demanded that universities subordinate technology and expertise to politics, and they physically intimidated those who resisted, often to point of injury or death, those with whom they disagreed.  So far, Antifa and BLM are but pale imitations, but they have time and sources of support to improve their game and do serious damage.

In the Cultural Revolution, millions regarded as politically deficient were uprooted from their homes and often sent to poor, rural areas and assigned to the most disgusting work available, often involving night soil.  Decades ago, I spoke with a distinguished Chinese academic who experienced this treatment and who bore the physical scars, including a bad limp.

We're not anywhere close to that yet, but the same stink of violent alienated youths seizing control by force is in the air.  Political revolutionaries prey on the emotional turmoil of the young as they go from adolescents to fully formed adults and direct their energies toward expression of anger with violence against political opponents.

We are at an inflection point, where Antifa is in danger of receiving enough support (plus silence) from the progressive mainstream to grow in size and appeal for angry young people.  The leftists who have been plotting revolution for decades think their moment has come.  The seeds planted by heightening racial tensions, stifling economic growth via regulation, and indenturing young people with non-dischargeable college debt are getting closer to harvest time.

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