Migrant who murdered EU official's daughter knew every trick to game the system

An Afghani migrant who raped and murdered Maria Ladenburger, the 19-year-ole daughter of a top European Union official, reveals that he knew every trick in the book for gaming the system to satisfy his lethal urges and get away with them. That's the obvious that's coming out at his trial as he puts forward his manipulative sob story to sway the judges.  Playing them like a fiddle, Hussein Khavari pressed all the right buttons of sudden remorse to get a lenient sentence from soft-headed court officials, who, time and again, have shown they will believe anything: Reading from a statement he went on: 'I beg your pardon. I want to apologise to the family of Maria. I wish I could undo it.  'What I have done, I am sad for from the bottom of my heart '. He says he dreams of what he did every day as he wiped tears from his face. 'I live with the agony of what I did and this torment destroys my life,' he added. He claims...(Read Full Post)