Migrant who murdered EU official's daughter knew every trick to game the system

An Afghani migrant who raped and murdered Maria Ladenburger, the 19-year-ole daughter of a top European Union official, reveals that he knew every trick in the book for gaming the system to satisfy his lethal urges and get away with them.

That's the obvious that's coming out at his trial as he puts forward his manipulative sob story to sway the judges.  Playing them like a fiddle, Hussein Khavari pressed all the right buttons of sudden remorse to get a lenient sentence from soft-headed court officials, who, time and again, have shown they will believe anything:

Reading from a statement he went on: 'I beg your pardon. I want to apologise to the family of Maria. I wish I could undo it. 

'What I have done, I am sad for from the bottom of my heart '.

He says he dreams of what he did every day as he wiped tears from his face.

'I live with the agony of what I did and this torment destroys my life,' he added.

He claims he dragged her into the river 'because I wanted to wash her blood from me'.

A solid Texas or Arizona judge wouldn't fall for it any more than a California traffic court would, but it's different in Europe, home of moral relativism, which time and again has let criminals out even after heinous crimes, accepting migrants' claims of sexual urges, bad childhoods, the fear of danger in their home countries, concern it would "ruin their lives," and supposed remorse as good enough for leniency to avoid a stretch in the Euro-spa prison.  Khavari knew that the court would assume that deep down, he was a decent human being with a conscience and a moral compass, which his entire life has shown he obviously isn't, so he played the remorse card.

Here are the other cards he played:

He came as an illegal immigrant, knowing that Angela Merkel had opened the doors to mass migration, no papers necessary.  Being from Afghanistan, although no one knows for sure, he came as other refugees came – not to create a new life and assimilate to Europe as a new European, but to invade, express contempt, and pillage, participating in the great Afghani rape jihad that has swept Europe and has been so well documented here.

He came claiming to be an unaccompanied minor, knowing that claiming to be an unaccompanied minor is the ticket to getting into Germany with no trouble.  Lying to officials, he falsely claimed to be underage in order to get to first Greece and then Germany.

... his claim to be 17 at the time of the offence is disputed with a specialist saying he is at least 22.

According to Bild newspaper, during a morning session of hearings in which press and public were excluded he claimed to be 19.

He said he claimed to be 16 upon his arrival in Germany in 2015 'because the situation is better here for under age migrants.'

He dropped his gangsta rap persona for the court, with weird long hair, and showed up as a clean-cut youth, once again to manipulate the court into thinking he is just like them.

He then played the drunk card, claiming that his crimes were solely the result of the corrupting influence of the white man's firewater, which prevented him from raping her and put him in a state of total helplessness.  He knew well that European courts have gladly accepted such excuses to let migrants off.

He also played the impulse card, hoping nobody would notice that he had nearly killed a woman in Greece just three years earlier and posted sick, perverted pictures on his social media of a wolfman clutching a European woman, seen here.

He knew that the Europeans are a disorganized mess, with no central system for tracking criminals, and so, gaming the system again, he shopped around for new crime scenes in his rape jihad against the West, first coming to Greece around 2012, where by 2013 he had been caught throwing a woman off a cliff in Corfu.  He got sentenced as a juvenile there, getting a ten-year sentence in 2014, and then was the beneficiary of juvenile "amnesty," which got him let out and paroled after just one year for his attempted murder.  Failing to make his parole appearance, he went country-shopping again and moved on to his next stop for crimes, Germany, where he raped and drowned the 20-year-old daughter of a top European Union official, and a medical student who volunteered to help refugees, Maria Ladenburger.

Now he's playing the pity card, saying he's all full of remorse for his murder because it ruins his life.  Up until now, this has been a get-out-of-jail free card.  Will the fact that he murdered a top E.U. official's daughter finally be a wake-up call for Europe?  That allowing unchecked, undocumented, and unfriendly migrants into their countries, no questions asked, is a recipe for murder?  Don't bet on it.  The victim's father, the top E.U. official, reportedly wants everyone to donate to refugee centers as a way to remember his daughter Maria.

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