Michelle Obama and the desperate Dems in search of a new Evita

Who would ever dream of handing political leadership to someone whose crowning career achievement was a high-paying no-show job? As its next presidential candidate, is Michelle Obama the best the Democrats can come up with? That's the view of pollster Douglas Schoen, who thinks they don't stand a chance otherwise.  In a piece for The Hill, he writes: As I’ve said before, the Democrats need an alternative plan to rebuild and unite the party if they have any hope in winning back seats in Congress in the 2018 midterms, nonetheless the White House in 2020.  This alternative plan requires a new, united opposition, led by a political leader with widespread popularity. The only person I can see accomplishing this would be none other than the party’s most popular political figure: Michelle Obama. He goes on to cite her high popularity numbers among Democrats and with the general public, leaving her Democratic Party potential competition in the...(Read Full Post)