Media virtually ignoring evidence of vote fraud in election integrity hearings

You wouldn't know it based on mainstream media coverage, but President Trump's Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is developing strong evidence of serious vote fraud, large enough to swing the results in key elections.  The fact that Democrats mostly deny the possibility of important vote fraud and seek to shut down inquiry ought to tell anyone with two brain cells to rub together that they know which party is the beneficiary of the cheating. The fact that the dominant political media, which continue to call themselves "news" outlets, mostly are ignoring the startling revelations coming out of the commission's hearings also tells you that the problem is serious enough to suppress. The characteristic response of the left is suppression of the facts, combined with the absurd theory that ensuring voter integrity means "suppressing" votes.  This ignores the fact that an illegal vote also "suppresses" the vote of an honest,...(Read Full Post)