Maxine Waters can be 'humiliated'?

Making a fool of herself again, Maxine Waters has seized on a news story reporting that President Trump 'humiliated' Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his decision to recuse himself from the Russian meddling into the U.S. election and then tried to reap racial political hay from it. According to Fox News:

"To Jeff Sessions, how does it feel to be dragged & humiliated? Now you know how the African Americans you disrespected feel," she tweeted.

First question: Maxine Waters, capable feeling humiliated? Since when has this woman ever felt shame or humiliation? She's spent a career making one stupid claim after another without the least scintilla of shame, and given that she hasn't ever stopped doing it, she probably won't.

To say she's ever felt shame is to say the moon is made of bleu cheese. Whoops, she'd use that analogy to bring up racism, too.

It just goes to show that she will use any incident to bring up racism, even a leaked office scolding that no one really knows is true. It's as if she has a race-o-meter somewhere in her back office in one of her million-dollar homes there to place the most unrelated of news items into the hopper and see it emerge in new form as a racialist stick to beat her adversaries with.

Such obsessive behavior, always returning to the same scene of the crime no matter what the pretext is not only junk thought, it's a good reason why the black community is so poorly led in Los Angeles, where Waters hails from, and nationally in general. Say anything and Waters will make it about racism. It ends the conversation right there, whether it is about failing schools, union shutouts, bad health care or poor congressional leadership.

You can bet Waters won't be embarrassed by this latest tweet bringing up race to an unrelated personnel matter over in the White House. Waters talking about humiliation is like hearing about "'love' from the mouth of a whore," as G.K. Chesterton put it. Only the people who care seriously about what racism is and isn't will feel any sting of humiliation - out of embarrassment for Waters' insertion of herself into the matter. 




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