Majority of California Dems favor restrictions on free speech

California is a one-party state, with Democrats running everything and no prospect of the GOP ever changing that.  One-party states trend in the direction of autocracy and corruption for obvious reasons.  The Democrats of California have run public education there for generations, and their allies in the media dominate the public's information landscape.

The consequences of the indoctrination they have conducted are visible in the shocking results of a poll of registered voters conducted by the U.C. Berkeley Institute of Government.  

Julia Prodis Sulek reports in the San Jose Mercury-News:

[A] full 53 percent of California's Democratic voters, believe we have gone too far in allowing those demonstrations. Some 50 percent of California Republicans, meanwhile, believe the right to demonstrate should not be restricted, compared with 39 percent of Democrats.

The article contains discussion of the context of this result and is worth a read.

But there is no mistaking the landmark nature of this datum.  Why would Governor Jerry Brown want to lift a finger to help the City of Berkeley deal with the speech tonight by Ben Shapiro?  That event is taking place at Zellerbach Hall, the very U.C. Berkeley venue that was trashed when armed and masked thugs took over.

The city's response (AP):

For the first time in 20 years, police in the city of Berkeley can use pepper spray on violent demonstrators.

The City Council voted 6-3 Tuesday to allow police to use pepper spray to repel attacks on officers and others during the kind of violent protests that have rocked the city this year.

They still may not use it as an overall crowd-control method.

The university's response (AP):

Authorities plan to seal off the campus' central hub, Sproul Plaza, with a "closed perimeter" around several buildings including where Shapiro is scheduled to speak to a sold-out, 1,000-person audience. There will be "an increased and highly visible police presence," the university said in a statement.

A lot of people are going to be watching.  And the thugs know what to expect.

This is not your grandfather's Democratic Party.  It is not liberal.  The California Democrats have engineered a hard-left electorate via immigration (unimpeded by borders) and cultural dominance.  They see California as a model for the rest of the country, and now they are making a move to help one of their own, Kamala Harris or Eric Garcetti, capture the presidential nomination of the party in 2020.

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