Lifestyles of the rich and tyrannical in Pyongyang

The U.K. Daily Mail claims to have exclusive access to "figures revealed exclusively to MailOnline" detailing North Korean expenditures on Kim Jong-un's lifestyle, funded by counterfeiting, hacking, and other criminal enterprises carried on covertly by the state.

While North Korea is meant to be shackled by crippling sanctions, its dictator still manages to fund a nuclear programme and his own lavish lifestyle. 

Kim Jong-un supposedly does this by hacking banks, selling endangered species, Viagra and crystal meth as well as through a number of other illicit methods.  

The illegal dealings could reportedly be bringing the isolated country's leader as much as a whopping billion dollars a year while the nation remains one of just 34 in the world relying on UN handouts to feed its people. 

Hundreds of millions are reportedly dragged into Pyongyang by deals involving selling weapons and counterfeit banknotes, according to CNN. ...

The illicit money-making scheme is reportedly run by a covert department called the Central Committee Bureau 39 of the Korean Workers' Party, which is more commonly known by its code name Room 39, according to the Express

This is a criminal syndicate with sovereignty.

Naturally, there are no restraints on the ruthless tyrant at the summit of this gangster state.  His sexual appetites evidently are satisfied on a scale of brutality worthy of Caligula.

The staggering statistics also show Kim Jong-un spent £2.7million last year on racy underwear for his band of groupies who are plucked as virgins to entertain him and his cronies.

The dictator imported suspenders and corsets among his huge haul from China, which is more than double the figure he spent last year. 

They are said to have been ordered for his infamous Pleasure Squad, who are plucked from classrooms – some as young as 13 – and subjected to medical tests to check they are virgins before being forced into a life of sexual servitude.

Defectors have spoken about attending drunken sex parties where women would have their pubic hair shaved as a forfeit if they lost games. 

The figures come from the Trade Map and follows a report showing detailing how Kim Jong-un is also squandering millions on Champagne, horses and make-up while his people are struggling to make ends meet.

This is what we are dealing with: a monster.

Hat tip: J.J. Sefton, Ace

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