Leftists cheer Hurricane Irma's hit on Trump-voting Florida

When is the left going to quit looking at people in exclusively political terms? Leftists' vaunted compassion toward people over profits is about to take a hit in its reaction to Hurricane Irma's hit on south Florida.

This Twitter collection of leftist tweets, cheering Hurricane Irma for harming Florida's supposedly Trump-supporting residents really shows the disgusting malice that still exists in the by-any-means-necessary crowd. Wipe out the old Trump supporters? Can't wait for Irma to smoke all them Trump supporters? Hope Irma also destroys the homes of Trump supporters? Take Trump and his supporters away? Round up all the Trump supporters and leave them directly in Hurricane Irma's path? That's their sentiment - they are literally cheering the hurricane for its vast destructive power over human life.

What it shows is that less than a year after the election, the left still hasn't gotten over it. Its post-election malevolence towards others remains as livid and lethal as it was on the day after Donald Trump was elected president.

Oh, and for their information, Florida is a purple state, not a red one and it's the bluest part of Florida that's being hit by the hurricane. In addition to being burned up with hatred, the left remains bone-stupid.

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