Kneeling as psychodrama therapy for the rich, black, and guilty

Psychodrama is a method of individual psychotherapy conducted in front of an audience.  The psychodrama treatment method was discovered by the Romanian psychiatrist Jacob Moreno.  Moreno began private practice as a psychiatrist in Vienna in the 1920s, in the heyday of European psychoanalytic theory and practice.  He became interested in a new theatrical method called improvisation as a way to help patients explore inner conflicts.

Psychodrama involves spontaneous dramatic performances in front of a sympathetic audience.  In 1922, Dr. Moreno began providing space in Vienna for actors, including an 18-year-old Peter Lorre, to put on spontaneous representations of daily news or other themes – just as the NFL is providing space for ingrate anti-American exhibitionists today.

Moreno emigrated to the United States in 1925.  He practiced, taught, and popularized psychodrama as a psychotherapeutic method for the treatment of anxiety until his death in 1974.  In his method, psychodramatic scenes are suggested for a patient to perform.  Moreno theorized that the therapeutic benefit came from emotional catharsis.  Through spontaneous performance, which Moreno called "deep actions," the patient enacts role reversals, plays the opposite parts in conflicted relationships, or enacts his fears to gain insight and better methods of coping.  The psychodrama feels great for the theatrically inclined client; the audience also experiences catharsis from watching the performance.

Moreno must have been right, because emotional catharsis for spoiled celebrities play-acting racial victimization is the psychodynamic of the current kneeling nonsense.

The otiose craze for wealthy black people and their "supporters" to disrespect the American flag by kneeling in public – momentarily play-acting tragedy and grief in front of a TV camera – is psychodrama psychotherapy for the guilt they richly deserve to feel.  The histrionic fad started by Colin Kaepernick that has infected athletes, entertainers, and politicians like Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is expiation for the unconscious guilt these privileged people have earned for their heartless betrayal of black Americans.  Kaepernick's phony first plotline, that the worst problem for black people is the police, engenders defensive anxiety in its sheer stinking falsehood.  The big, deadly lie that white racism is to blame for all the problems of black Americans and that black people remain helpless victims in 2017 is so patently false.  As with all delusional systems, its maintenance causes rage and anxiety when challenged.

That anxiety is being relieved through anti-American spectacle.  The Democratic Party can still pass off blame-whitey-forever dogma because the left-wing wealthy and powerful benefit greatly from it.  Rich black people cling to toxic lies because blaming white people absolves them of gratitude for America and the bother of real charity or service to their own community.  Having rejected Christianity, the left wing has no inspiration for charity.  Leftists can relieve guilt about their own excesses by showboating concern for the downtrodden while making minimal personal sacrifice for anyone.  A little psychodrama, preferably on national television, is just what the doctor ordered.

What better psychodramatic direction than for black celebrities to kneel down before some imaginary slave master instead of honoring the flag?  What could be more cathartic than for pampered, powerful bodies to role-play pitiful, sunken-shouldered abasement?  How good it feels, especially when the driver brings them home to their mansions far away from the real problems of ordinary black people.

Moreno himself could not have come up with easier "deep actions" to assuage the rich, black, and guilty.