Immigration? Let's at least be consistent about not enforcing laws

People had better not bring in any goods from foreign countries without declaring them and paying the designated fees.  People and businesses need to declare their out-of-state purchases where they didn't pay sales taxes so that their state gets the money. Even buying a car out of my city requires me to pay the city its sales tax.  Somehow, the border matters to my city on my car. It is illegal to bring in cigarettes from low-tax states and sell them in cities like New York without paying the additional tax.  Politicians in New York care about cigarettes coming in illegally but not people.  Congress has never allowed the selling of health insurance across state lines. Professionals like CPAs, lawyers, doctors, and so many more are required to get licenses in the states they practice in.  (I wonder why those borders matter.)  But people who come in the country illegally should be allowed to stay and roam wherever they want because there,...(Read Full Post)