Illinois's Governor Rauner shows his true colors

Illinois governor Bruce Rauner, a "moderate" (read: liberal) Republican who's virtually indistinguishable from a liberal Democrat, has broken a promise he made to Illinois pro-lifers last April, when he stated that he'd veto a bill that forces taxpayers to pay for certain abortions.

From Prairie State Wire:

In signing the bill, Rauner will become America's first governor to initiate taxpayer funding of abortions.

Today, Medicaid recipients can receive abortions in cases of rape, incest, health and life of the mother.

The measure expands that. It means Illinoisans on Medicaid as well as state employees will receive free abortions for any reason, up until the last day of their pregnancy.

During his campaign, Rauner ran as a "pro-choice" candidate but said he would "have no social agenda" if elected.

That wasn't a good sign of things to come.

He was kind enough (ahem) to phone the left-leaning Cardinal Blase Cupich, who, to his credit, told Rauner, "I reminded him of the promise and also my statement earlier thanking him for that. He did break his word. He broke his word to the people, especially those who have continued to speak on behalf of the vulnerable child in the womb."

That apparently doesn't bother the über-wealthy governor very much.  Perhaps he thinks that since he's not embroiled in some scandal that could lead to time in prison – like four previous Illinois governors – he's really a pretty good guy.

He ultimately did what's best for Illinois, you see.


The cynical side of me wonders: do the liberals have some dirt on Rauner (maybe a little blackmail is involved here)?  Is he terribly misguided?  Or is he just plain rotten?

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