Ignoring new evidence, MSM cling to their Charlottesville narrative

The lethal violence of Charlottesville was instantly packaged as a narrative of violent racist Trump supporters killing innocent Americans. Defending that narrative becomes difficult when the facts start to be known, so the obvious response of the Mainstream Media has been to ignore the facts and keep pushing the old narrative.

My friend Mark Fitzgibbons pointed out to me that, “still no major liberal news outlet other than Politico has reported the DHS warning to Charlottesville that both sides were preparing for violence, or McAuliffe’s involvement.” That piece of news crushes the narrative, as Mark explained half a month ago. Governor Terry McAuliffe knew that both sides were preparing for violence and were armed. Yet he oversaw the forcing of the two groups into each other’s close proximity in a confined space, while the police stood down.  

Mark observes that Politico remains the only major liberal outlet to report on the DHS revelation. Meanwhile, we are being treated to Trump-racism meme, such as:

His comment in an email sums it up:

And unlike the Russia matter, illegal immigration, voter fraud, or other issues where they lie, there is no great and overarching policy or legal implication of Charlottesville other than they see it as a chance to create a false narrative about what Trumpian deplorable is, and to then add that to their foundation for the other issues like guns, free speech, immigration.

And the weak GOP establishment is right there with them.


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