Hillary still stewing about her election loss, now questions its legitimacy

For Hillary Clinton, it's never going to end.  I, I, me, me, mine. It was mine! She's never going to get over losing the election to Donald Trump.  And with her foundation's pay-to-play donations drying up, and she herself sinking into irrelevancy – an unwelcome guest at the Democratic Party dinner table – why should she?  She's lost two elections, and now she's too old and in too frail a state of health to try a third time. So now, after blaming sexism, Bernie Sanders, James Comey, and anybody but herself many times over in her new memoir, she's returned to the Russians, this time questioning the legitimacy of the election itself, something that has been on the underboil ever since President Trump was sworn in.  Now she's saying it directly. From an interview with National Public Radio: I want to get back to the question, would you completely rule out questioning the...(Read Full Post)