Hillary Clinton mixes it up with Bernie Sanders, blaming him for her loss

Blaming sexism didn't work, blaming the Russians didn't work, and blaming Trump "the creep" didn't work.  So now Hillary Clinton is blaming Bernie Sanders for her miserable election rout last November.

CNN reports:

And now, there's something to argue over: Hillary Clinton's forthcoming book, "What Happened."

In it, according to excerpts posted by a group of Clinton supporters, she criticizes her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, for running to be the Democratic nominee, while not actually being a Democrat, and for targeting her in a campaign of character assassination, instead of going into a deep dive into policy.

Her opponent?  For opposing her?  As if the primaries were a coronation, not a contest?  Unlike all the other blame-x items on Hillary's list, this one smacks of an unusual sense of entitlement.

What's more, her claim that Bernie Sanders engaged in character assassination is nonsense.  Hillary's campaign manager, John Podesta, was caught in untold character assassinations in a Wile E. Coyote bid to undercut the Sanders campaign.  If anything, Bernie was the policy wonk during the debates as Hillary Clinton constantly brushed off his efforts to get into the weeds.  His command of facts, however erroneous to us, was well above her improvisings.  That last claim is a doozy of projection.

Fact is, whatever you think of Sanders, the Bernie Sanders challenge happened for a reason.  It had a name.  It was Hillary Clinton.  Having spent some time with the Bernie voters during campaign 2016, I saw that they didn't care for Hillary Clinton's pay-for-play operation around her foundation, as exposed by their paper of record, the New York Times, and investigative reporter Peter Schweizer.  They didn't like a candidate who was always followed by the shadow of indictment.  They didn't like her vague positions on Obamacare and on other issues.  They especially didn't like her pocket-lining from Wall Street.  In those suspiciously lucrative private speeches, she gave private policy positions to the big-dollar firms at odds with her public positions, which was the slop she threw out to the public.

So for Hillary to blame Bernie for her election loss, given his spirited and long-lived primary challenge, pretty well reveals the real Hillary, convinced that the election was owed to her.  What she thinks she's accomplishing by annoying the Bernie voters – who are the real people she is attacking, for not voting for her – is unknown.  But it goes to show she blames everyone but herself for her loss, and she just goes on and on about it for eternity.

This is just as Al Gore couldn't get off the stage on the matter of the Florida vote count.  In Hillary's case, the lingering is just much whinier.

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