Hillary Clinton as a policy wonk? Nope, Chris Cillizza, not even close

Chris Cillizza argues that Hillary Clinton lost her presidential bid because voters preferred the emotionalism of Donald Trump over her sober, well reasoned, analytical policy offerings.  What baloney. He writes: She ran a campaign larded with policy papers, with serious thoughts about serious things, with poll-tested stump speech lines designed to give some to everyone but all to no one. Trump just, well, said stuff. His policies were virtually non-existent. The policies he did have – build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, for example – were impractical. His campaign was entirely tonal; it was all about tone. He said things forcefully! He was tough! He was going to make America great again! Although it's not an entirely bad analysis, it certainly leaves out a lot of things, such as voter disgust with her pay-to-play corruption; voter disgust with her impunity, starting with her unpunished illegal private...(Read Full Post)